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How One Atlanta Boutique Is Using Fashion To Help Survivors Of Sex Trafficking

And a few days later, fab'rik had hundreds of women signed up to volunteer at the event. "I wanted the event to feel like a boutique experience – the same experience I'd been creating at fab'rik," Spinola says. "We wanted to treat each woman like she was walking into a Nieman Marcus." In 2009, fab'rik held their first free spree, which later became the formal nonprofit arm of the fab'rik franchise – free fab'rik. At  free fab'rik events, volunteers are paired individually with young women. Many events start with time for bonding and conversation, sometimes leading to deeper discussions between women – whether they're participating or volunteering. The day ends with a mini fashion show, showing off the outfits each young woman has put together. According to Spinola, the sprees are a testament to the power of women helping one another. Fab'rik has helped morethan 3,000 women through free shopping sprees and pop-up boutique events. Today, free fab'rik has hosted more than 200+ free sprees, providing dignity and clothing to more than 3,000 women, and having partnered with more than 50 anti-trafficking organizations, recovery groups and women's shelters. But this kind of success didn't happen overnight, and Spinola says the growth has been largely due to volunteers and interns who help curate clothing and plan the events.

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